Since 2500 BC, ships from around the world sought out the Malabar Coast and it’s pure spices. Another product from India, Indigo enjoyed popularity as a textile dye until the discovery of artificial dyes in mid 19th Century. Nature Pure with over 30 years experience in the Food Ingredients industry spotted the emerging trend in food consumption early on, and in addition to their existing products, set up a Supercritical (CO2) plant in Kerala in 2008.

Nature's Purest

Nature’s Purest

Nature’s Purest represent our set of extracted products that have the highest degree of purity. Through Supercritical Fluid Extraction process, the original flavour and aroma is achieved.

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Nature's Extracts

Nature’s Extracts

Nature's Extracts constitutes a set of extracted products from plants and vegetables, but have been processed using modern science to increase their usability.

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Nature's Alchemy

Nature’s Alchemy

Nature's Alchemy takes products found deep inside the Earth and processes them to be used in many key industries like food, cosmetics, condiments etc.

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Nature Pure aims to be the world leader in quality food ingredients, taking on the world demand for pure and environmental friendly solutions through world class manufacturing and an in house R&D.

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Essence of Nature

There is a yearning for simple foods as they existed in the past, before the time of large-scale pre-processed packaged foods. Nature Pure offers you options made from earth's goodness.

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Pure and efficient

Supercritical fluid extraction process is efficient as well as cost effective with a high yield and purity of end product. A lower processing time with minimal residual waste are the other positives of SFE process.

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